Eggstra Easter with METAXA

Eggstra Easter with METAXA

Guess what time it is? Yes, it's that awesome season of Easter when flowers bloom, chocolate bunnies hop around, and we can unwind and enjoy happy moments with family and friends. This year, however, we're spicing things up with a Greek twist!

Easter Egg Hunt

Who said egg hunts are just for kids? Gather your friends, grab a bottle of METAXA straight from our Easter factory of goodies, and hide those eggs like you're on a secret mission. The winner? Well, they get a METAXA-based cocktail to celebrate. It's an Easter egg hunt upgrade!

Eggcellent Aperitivo

After having some fun, time to celebrate! Move over formal dinners – we're all about casual aperitifs! Picture this: eggcellent snacks and METAXA cocktails. The ultimate eggstra superpower couple for a relaxing Easter with a touch of sophistication.

Mixology with a Greek Twist

And speaking of cocktails… METAXA isn't just for sipping straight (though that's pretty awesome too). Mix things up with METAXA Easter cocktails from our spirited factory line: METAXA 12 Stars Eggstra Special Sour, METAXA 7 Stars Earresistible Spritz or METAXA 5 Stars Blossom Tonic… And here's the sweet spin: all of these delightful drinks are garnished with chocolate which makes them really captivating. Yummy!

In a nutshell, this year METAXA works hard, so that you can chill, sip eggastraordinary cocktails and simply enjoy Easter. So, raise your glass, and here's to a Happy Easter filled with a good company, and the original Greek spirit!


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