The Metaxa Master

The House of Metaxa does not have a Master Distiller, nor a Master Blender. It has a Metaxa Master, Constantinos Raptis. He is only the fifth Metaxa Master since the creation of the House.

Constantinos Raptis needs both inspiration and passion. Just as he needs to blend the ingredients that make METAXA, the Metaxa Master needs to blend in the old with the new. He must retain the tradition and the style of METAXA, while creating its new expressions, like METAXA 12 Stars or METAXA Angels’ Treasure.

The Craftsmanship

Constantinos Raptis first makes his selection of the Muscat wines from Samos, chosen for their aromatic concentration and intensity. He then chooses the fine wine distillates for their character and elegance.

The Muscat wines and wine distillates are aged separately in oak casks until he decides they are ready to be married. A bouquet of Mediterranean botanicals brings the final touch.

To those who would like to discover METAXA: think of discovery that is as unique as it is unexpected. You will embark on a journey of pleasure through all your senses, a journey that you will want to take time and time again.

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