Ageing reborn

Ageing reborn

METAXA doesn’t share with the angels, but gets treasure from them! Best enjoyed neat, the multi-layered fruitiness of the METAXA Angels’ Treasure Single Cask Strength new release is more preciously concentrated than ever before.

Angels' share & Angels’ treasure

Angels' share is a term for the portion of a wine or distilled spirit's volume that is lost to evaporation during ageing in casks. Most of the time more alcohol than water will evaporate, therefore reducing the alcoholic strength of the product.

In dark and cool METAXA cellars in Attica, Greece, the Angels’ share phenomenon is reversed! The dry climate increases water evaporation more than alcohol from the casks, resulting in a highly concentrated and aromatic spirit. We call it Angels’ treasure. METAXA Angels' Treasure Single Cask Strength is the ultimate expression of this unique phenomenon.

Ageing reborn

METAXA is launching new Angels' Treasure Single Cask Strength as a platform where the METAXA Master pushes his creativity. Through these spirits, he explores how different ageing conditions can create new depths of flavours and aromatic complexity. Every release is destined to bring a unique sensorial experience to true spirit connoisseurs and collectors.

In that case, what distinguishes the new release from its predecessor? This edition has a deeper amber colour, with richer and more concentrated taste. Intense aromatic spices like Ceylon cinnamon, clove, nutmeg become more intense and reveal themselves in consecutive layers. Dried prune and fig notes are more pervasive this time, and the final toffee notes add a warm enveloping hug. You are left with the sumptuous notes of old honey and sweet honey that linger on longer into the night.

A new step towards sustainability

Precious spirits need the right packaging. The new release reflects METAXA’s commitment to sustainability. As part of our efforts to reduce CO₂ emissions, we have redesigned the packaging of METAXA Angels' Treasure Single Cask Strength. Now it is available in lighter decanters, crafted using a hydrogen glass melting technique, and more eco-friendly gift boxes. All these actions resulted in a 54% reduction in CO₂ emissions compared to the previous edition.


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