Since 2021, METAXA has increased its support for farmers by signing direct contracts with all its grape suppliers. That's why the The Orama Vine Growers’ Collective was created. In this way, the farmers receive a fair price for their work and the island's agriculture is secured for the long term.

The farmers are now members of the collective and all are exclusive suppliers to METAXA. Thanks to its direct contracts with Samos farmers, METAXA knows exactly where the wine used in its production comes from. From The Orama Vine Growers’ Collective, which is the first in METAXA's history, we aim to lead the transformation of Samos Island agriculture from conventional to sustainable and ultimately organic.

Together with the introduction of The Orama Collective and the start of the certification process for Samos farmers, we have decided to help farmers in every way so that they could successfully go through the transformation process and take advantage of the benefits of sustainable and organic farming.

We are also with our farmers on a daily basis, we listen to them and support them in the way they need it.

Photo of Irini Dimopoulou

Together with the introduction of the Orama group and the start of the certification process for Samos farmers, we decided to take an important step towards supporting sustainable agriculture on Samos: hire a local Samian Agronomist who will supervise the Orama group.

Her name is Irini Dimopoulou, a trained agronomist and enologist. She is responsible for introducing innovative changes in the farming practices of our farmers and supporting them towards their certification objectives while ensuring that they can always consult her on topics regarding their cultivation.

We launched a programme to introduce certification system which helps farmers work in a sustainable way and keep the soil alive. The program started with 12 farmers and 20ha of vineyards, who want to follow the example, introduce sustainable farming methods and decrease their impact on the environment. These farmers will be certified under the ARGO 2.1, 2.2 and integrated crop management system.

METAXA covers the costs of certification and supports farmers through the certification process. The objective of the programme is a significant reduction of inputs like pesticides and fertilizers. And from its day one we are protecting our soil and, most importantly, the health of our farmers. Today, METAXA’s target is to have 100% of the Muscat it sources either from AGRO or organic certified cultivation by 2027.

In 2010, with the launch of the new METAXA 12 Stars, METAXA wanted to commit more to the land of Samos and contribute to the development of Samos' vineyards. The first METAXA vineyard in Samos was purchased in 2017. The aim is to become more involved with the land of Samos and to become an example to local farmers by introducing new, sustainable agricultural practices.

The METAXA Samos vineyard has been converted from conventional to organic farming and has been certified at the end of 2023. The vineyard is always at the forefront of modern farming. Our Liknon vineyard is small, as most plots in the island of Samos. Part of it is planted with 80-year-old vines and yearly production of grapes does not exceed 300kg/acre. We always try to inspire and lead the way in new practices for all Samos farmers.

As the guardian of the incredible biodiversity of Samos, METAXA has joined forces with the Hellenic Ornithological Society in a program, aiming at nature and birdlife conservation of the METAXA Terroir. Through this program, METAXA aims to encourage responsible organic farming practices, maintain the uniqueness of its Terroir and enhance the biodiversity. This CSR program targets "Life on Land" the 15th Sustainable Development Goal, of the United Nations.

Objectives of the program include:

1. Monitoring of species living on Samos, migrating to Samos and/or passing by Samos. Focus on under extinction species.

2. Small scale interventions in benefit of wild life by placing nest boxes, insect hotel and bird feeding stations.

3. Awareness raising and education.

4. Promotion of METAXA LIKNON as an exemplary site of coexistence of farmland nature & people that could be replicated in other areas.

After the harvest, the METAXA team meets the farmers and their families for dinner and music. It's a time we can all enjoy together.

The purpose of the meeting is not only to relax and share the joy of a successful harvest, but also to exchange ideas and listen to the farmers tell us about their challenges and needs. This exchange of knowledge and information extends beyond the joyfull moments to oragnized seminars and professional meetings that occur several times every year.


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