Aperitivo time!

Apperitivo time

Want to make your hangouts with friends more fun? Host an aperitif party! Serve unexpected METAXA cocktails before dinner to set a festive mood. It's easy and impressive.

Aperitivo is a pre-dinner ritual with light, refreshing cocktails paired with delicious snacks. It takes place after work as an aperitif for dinner in a circle of friends.

The focus of an aperitive party is really on the cocktail, the first glass after a long day at work that relaxes you and puts the stress of the day behind you. The best choice for this type of occasion would be METAXA 7 Stars- perfect for mixing. Serve your friends some reloaded versions of classic cocktails, like METAXA 7 Stars Sangria or METAXA 7 Stars Manhattan Twist

When it comes to food, keep it simple. Mediterranean-inspired choices work great, e.g.:

  • fresh figs, cut in half, with blue cheese on top, sprinkled with thyme,
  • dehydrated apricots, cut in half, with manouri (white goat cheese), sprinkled with oregano,
  • royal dates, stuffed with blue cheese, wrapped with bacon,
  • crispy bread, with tomato chutney (or any other chutney),
  • variety of unsalted nuts (macadamia, almonds, orgeat) with dark and blonde raisins.

Aperitivo time

These tastes will complement the flavours of your METAXA cocktails and whet everyone's appetite for dinner.

Want to surprise your friends with something innovative and unexpected? Combine a cocktail with a snack into one! METAXA 7 Stars Pop & Spritz is a reloaded version of the popular cocktail with the addition of popcorn. Because with METAXA, you will rediscover what you like in an unexpected form.

Finally, add style with a theme, provide cosy seating and play fitting music. You may also share some METAXA facts to spark talk about its Greek origin and rich history.

With these tips, your METAXA aperitif party will be unforgettable! Enjoy cocktails, snacks, and good times with friends!


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