Say: „Hocus Pocus Pumpkin!”

Say: „Hocus Pocus Pumpkin!”

Spend this Halloween unlike any other before!

Halloween needs a bit of magic and surprising events - and wherever something unexpected happens, METAXA perfectly fits the occasion!

Is your home already lit only by the flashes of pumpkin lanterns, and cobwebs have appeared on the ceiling? We’re sure it is! Before you place the last spider on a door knob, remember, there’s no Halloween without unique cocktails that look amazing, magical, a little gloomy and taste delicious! So, first reach for our new Halloween cocktail recipe: METAXA Hocus Pocus Pumpkin Sour which will surprise everyone.

Now, gather your friends for a fantastic Halloween night and choose from our unexpected ideas to have spooky fun together:

Halloween Karaoke

Gather your friends and create your spooky song lyrics for a karaoke night! Make the night unexpected with METAXA Cocktails and a Halloween twist to classic karaoke. When singing the well-known songs, change the lyrics. You can replace: GIRL with WITCH or HEART with PUMPKIN and use your creativity to make your top 10 hits sound as funny as possible. 

Pumpkin drink-holders

Prepare small pumpkins and invite your friends to carve them together. All you need to do to make the pumpkin become a cocktail holder is to make a hole with the same cross-section as the glass at the top of the pumpkin. Then decorate it by carving Halloween-inspired patterns into it. Make METAXA Hocus Pocus Pumpkin Sour cocktails for everyone and have a competition to see which of your hand-made pumpkin drink holders is the scariest!

Magic stories 

Prepare METAXA Hocus Pocus Pumpkin Sour cocktails and sheets of paper for all your friends invited to your Halloween party. At the top of each card write the mysterious sentence WE SAID: HOCUS POKUS  PUMPKIN and… Now, start the game!

Each of your friend writes first one sentence of a magical story that happened after this spell was cast and folds the paper edge to hide the sentence completely. Then you all pass the papers clockwise and add next sentence of your story on the papers you’ve just received and pass the sheets clockwise again. Go in rounds until your sheets end. Now unscroll the papers and read the funny and absurd magic stories sipping METAXA Cocktails!

The Hokus Pumpkin Pokus spell: Zombie game

Prepare METAXA Hocus Pocus Pumpkin Sour cocktails for all your friends and tag one of them with "Local Zombie". Let each friend choose one cocktail with their eyes closed. Now start the game! The friend who is the zombie tries to tag another person to turn them into zombies too. Hide around the house or garden to avoid becoming a zombie. The winner is the last person who remains a human!


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