Perfect summer party

Perfect summer party

How to make a home-bar for a garden party and surprise your friends with unexpected tastes of cocktails based on METAXA?

A party in the garden cannot do without fantastic cocktails and bartender performances. Of course, you can hire a professional bartender, however, if you are planning a party with a small group of friends, they will be more happy if you prepare the drinks yourself! It's worth preparing for it in advance, spend a moment on practicing bartending tricks and impress everyone with skills that they didn't suspect you of. So, you can use our tips for making a spiral garnish or excel at pouring soda.

You don't need much professional equipment to create a garden bar. All you need is a good shaker, jiggers for measuring METAXA and the right glasses for the drinks you want to create like Collins or Highball, a metal jug or 1 liter glass jar for sharing.

To keep your drinks chilled on a hot day, it's a good idea to get a cooler that you can take out into the garden, and if you don't have one, remember to put the bottles in ice buckets to keep them cool. This is especially important on hot days, when you use carbonated drinks to create cocktails - they will simply taste bad when heated in the sun. On a hot summer afternoon, you can decide to make only refreshing drinks based on METAXA 5 Stars, like Mediterranean Paloma which is perfect for holiday fun. If the meeting is to be accompanied by, for example, an open-air cinema, you can choose cocktails created for sharing, like METAXA Mint Julep prepared in a jug based on METAXA 7 Stars.
While making drinks for your friends, you can practice using some of our bartending tricks like How to do a simple shaker trick or How to make using jiggers spectacular.

And most of all, have a great time!


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