Holidays with friends

Holidays with friends

Beach parties and long walks in the sunset, fun at the swimming pool and evening games.

Holidays are a carefree time when we can afford to have more fun. The casual atmosphere of the beach and the sunset by the sea are the perfect times to share the joy of the moment with friends and... enjoy delicious METAXA-based cocktails.

Organizing a beach party can be a fun and memorable way to spend time with friends during a beach holiday. Find a spot on the beach that is suitable for a party. Remember to consider the size of your group and any noise restrictions. Plan the menu to serve at the party. It will be even more fun if you go shopping and prepare the meal together. You can try one of our favorite snacks, perfectly matched to the METAXA 5 Stars flavor bouquet: just pair some fresh figs, cut in half, with feta cheese on top and sprinkled with thyme.
Choose from the METAXA cocktails portfolio the ones that will best match the taste of your friends. Our recommendation for those who like long, sweet drinks would be METAXA Greek Spritz on METAXA 7 Stars. And for fans of sour flavors, the perfect match would be, for example, METAXA Bitter Lime Soda on METAXA 5 Stars.

Bring coolers to keep METAXA and beverages cold. Get comfortable! Pack a bag with everything you'll need for the party, such as beach towels, take beach chairs, and a portable speaker for music. Set up the party area together with your friends. You can choose to decorate the area with some colorful paper lanterns. Make sure you have designated area for food and drinks and provided plenty of seating and shade to be able to deeply relax.
Now, the only thing that’s left is… enjoying the party. Play music, eat good food, and soak up the sun with your friends. With a little planning, preparation, and unexpected taste of METAXA cocktails, a beach party can be a great way to make lasting memories with your friends during your holidays.
When the fun is over, make sure to clean up the area to keep the beach beautiful for everyone. This will also bring you together as a trusted group of friends who care!


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