In 2018, on its 130th Anniversary, the House of Metaxa revealed during a Press conference in Athens, a new brand campaign, expressing its vision of exploration. Headlined by the strong message: “Don’t drink it, Explore it.”, this campaign is an invitation to embark on a sensorial journey. When tasting METAXA, we are taken on a voyage that stimulates your senses and piques our curiosity: it is an incitement to the explorer that lives inside each and every one of us.

Working on the parallel between tasting METAXA and exploring the world, the focus was placed on the sensorial journey METAXA takes us on. To embody this sensorial journey, METAXA went on a quest for outstanding characters who convey a sense of exploration in their daily lives – unique individuals who share the METAXA vision: Mike Horn, Laura Bingham, and Guillaume Néry.

“Don’t Drink It, Explore It”


Mike Horn

Laura Bingham

Guillaume Néry

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