In July 2018, METAXA & The Clumsies, together with three of the best bartenders in the world embarked on a journey to explore Greece through unique experiences and creations. This collaboration paid tribute to their homeland, highlighting Greece’s beauty and its natural wonders.

As the leading high-end bar in Greece, and 6th best bar in the world, The Clumsies is known for its creativity and collaborations with some of the best international bartenders on the scene. Embarking on the journey with the team were global bartending stars Leo Robitschek, Erik Lorincz and Kostas Ignatiadis.

This illustrious bartending crew of 5 embarked on a classic motor-sailing yacht for a voyage through the Cyclades stopping in three stunning islands and creating three unique experiences.

On each island, each of our top bartender guests revealed five unique METAXA 12 Stars cocktail creations in a magical setting.

1st Stop: Exploring Mykonos with Erik Lorincz.

Aside from its vibrant lifestyle, Mykonos is known for its advantageous setting in the center of the Cyclades archipelago. A private cocktail party overlooking the sunset over the Chora of Mykonos is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that captivates even the most seasoned of travelers.

2nd Stop: Exploring Antiparos with Leo Robitschek

Antiparos is a remote, peaceful Cycladic haven where the natural environment remains untouched.

Guests were invited to experience a special night by the sea, on the sand, gazing at the stars and exploring METAXA cocktails where the beauty of Greek nature shines brightest.

3rd Stop: Exploring Paros with Kostas Ignatiadis

The final stop of the Explore Greece crew: Paros and its main town Naoussa, one of the most iconic settlements in the Cyclades.

Guests of METAXA & The Clumsies enjoyed a unique dining experience enjoying exceptional Greek cuisine at one of the most prestigious restaurants in Naoussa.

Exploring Greece cannot be complete without also exploring the vibrant city of Athens.

To experience the city’s lifestyle and hospitality, guests were invited to visit the home bar of The Clumsies.


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