I have an old METAXA bottle and I would like to know its age
Please contact us via the “Contact us” Form present at the bottom of the Website. To date, the most accurate way to determine the production of a bottle is via the LOT number, that you should find -printed- usually on the bottle‘s neck. Please send us a picture of your bottle, its label, and the LOT number and we should be able to provide you with further information. For bottles without LOT number, we will try to give an indication, however, the dating may be approximate. Again, please send us a picture of the bottle and its label and we will try to provide you with an approximate period of production.

What is the value of my old METAXA bottle?
The value of old bottles of spirits that may be considered as collectibles may only be determined by the market of collectors. You may wish to visit a specialized e-auction website.

Where can I find METAXA in my country/city/area?
For information on where to purchase METAXA in your country/city/area, please fill the “Contact Us” form present at the bottom of the Website.

What is the best way to enjoy METAXA?
With friends!
For drinking suggestions please visit the “Cocktails” section of the Website.

Where do I apply for an internship/job at the House of Metaxa?
Job vacancies are not currently listed on our Website. For career opportunities please contact: CLS REMY COINTREAU Human Resources Department 21 Boulevard Haussmann 75009 PARIS France Or via email: carriere@remy-cointreau.com or stage@remy-cointreau.com

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