The Angels’ Treasure phenomenon

The Angels’ Treasure phenomenon

The ingredients aging in casks, in METAXA cellars in Kifissia, for long periods of time become more concentrated and aromatic.

Because the cellars are hidden several meters below the surface of the earth, in Attica, a region known since antiquity for its dry and mild climate, the temperature remains stable throughout the year, at a range of 15 C° and humidity is always low. With evaporation the casks loose more water than alcohol and with time their alcohol content increases. This is the exactly opposite of what happens in other cellars around the world. We call this unique phenomenon „Angels’ Treasure”.

METAXA Angels’ Treasure Single Cask Strength is a spirit enriched with a strong character, rarely found anywhere else in the world. Inspired by the exceptional Angel’s share phenomenon. The Metaxa Master wanted to sublimate the spirit even more by further exploring the amber liquid’s potential. He discovered the ultimate expression of the Angels’ Treasure hidden in single casks, placed in different, secret corners of METAXA cellars.

Patient waiting brings out the mystery of Angels’ Treasure in an even more precious way according to the special conditions of each corner of the cellars. The spirit in every cask evolves in a different way, depending on the humidity level. Moreover, the distillates used for METAXA Angels’ Treasure Single Cask Strength creation are always mixed with the oldest distillates from METAXA cellars in proportions carefully supervised by METAXA Master.

The spirit in N°1019 is so precious that only 4,500 decanters have been released. Each of them carries an individual serial number.


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