New release - Private Reserve METAXA Orama

New release - Private Reserve METAXA Orama

The House of Metaxa reveals Private Reserve METAXA Orama, a symbol of the transition of the House's Master and a new chapter on sustainability.

For the first time in history, two METAXA Masters collaborate to co-sign a product.
One belongs to Costas Raptis, the current METAXA Master who has created the first original METAXA Private Reserve revealed in 1992. The other belongs to Kostis Kalpaxidis, as his starting point as the new METAXA Master with the ambition to produce METAXA in a more sustainable way.

Private Reserve METAXA Orama embodies this exceptional and rich METAXA taste with a very distinctive style of the House.

It is a tradition for Costas Raptis to release METAXA Private Reserve once a year, in a single batch, composed of blends that have reached the perfect peak of their expression.

I create it by bringing together Muscat wines from Samos with fine aged wine distillates and Mediterranean botanicals. The extended period of marriage of all the ingredients together in large oak casks brings out the smoothness and aromatic intensity of this exceptional spirit, says Costas Raptis.

The new release is a meeting ground where the visions of two esteemed METAXA Masters converge. In this extraordinary blend of craftsmanship and sustainability, Private Reserve METAXA Orama stands as a testament to their shared commitment and unwavering dedication.

This new release reflects the ambition of METAXA towards sustainability by focusing on the Greek Terroir - Samos close to the heart of the House.

It is a milestone for The House of METAXA’s initiatives to preserve this treasured Terroir, spearheaded by the METAXA Orama Collective: a group of vine growers in Samos working toward a transition to agroecological practices. Named after the Greek word Orama meaning "vision," this new release will be the first among the METAXA expressions to contain wines from sustainably grown Muscat grapes from Samos.

METAXA’s dedication to sustainability is also reflected in the new packaging and lighter decanter, thus reducing by 10.4% the CO2 emission compared to the previous packaging.

The release of Private Reserve METAXA Orama marks the House’s fresh direction, affirming an ever-strong commitment to sustainability, while preserving its timeless craftsmanship. ​


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