Unveiling the Secrets of METAXA LIKNON

Unveiling the Secrets of METAXA LIKNON

Journey to the home of METAXA on the captivating island of Samos. Nestled within a mountainous vineyard of organic Muscat grapes, LIKNON gives you a unique opportunity to discover the art behind the "Original Greek Spirit." It is the only place in the world offering METAXA experience open to the public!

What makes LIKNON Special?

Explore the Award-Winning Architecture

Walk through the breathtaking architecture of METAXA LIKNON, a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence. The vineyard sprawls down the valley on a sequence of stonewall-held terraces. The buildings are woven into this surrounding, in order to guide visitors through a curated, yet spontaneous experience of sensorial activations. No wonder the project was awarded with 9 prestigious architecture awards! 

Discover the Heart of METAXA

Explore the intricate processes that transform carefully selected ingredients into the smooth, sophisticated amber spirit enjoyed around the world. Step back in time, discover the story of Spyros Metaxa, the founder of METAXA, find out more about his heritage and the generations of craftsmanship that go into every bottle.

Appreciate Authentic Greek Hospitality

From the moment you arrive, you'll be enveloped in a sense of genuine care. Our passionate team, guides and bartenders, ensure you feel a warm welcome, like a cherished guest, ensuring your experience is as memorable as it is enjoyable.

Savour the Essence of Samos

Be captivated by the beauty of the picturesque Samos Muscat vineyard, where the grapes are organically cultivated and have a glimpse of the rich biodiversity of the island. Learn about our commitment to sustainable practices in this Terroir.

Unforgettable Tasting Experiences

METAXA LIKNON offers two distinct tours, each designed to tantalize your taste buds and enrich your understanding of METAXA.

METAXA “Stars” Tour & Tasting (60 min, €25)

Embark on a guided tour through the stunning vineyard, learn about organic farming and our vision for a sustainable future in Samos, delve into the history and production process - the art of crafting METAXA in our atmospheric cellar. Enjoy a tasting of METAXA 5 Stars Greek Orange, METAXA 12 Stars and a refreshing signature cocktail featuring METAXA 5 Stars Greek Orange or a seasonal, non-alcoholic option.

METAXA "Signature" Tour & Tasting (90 min, 35€)

This guided tour includes all the elements of the "Stars" tour, plus a delectable platter featuring local cheeses, seasonal fruits, and homemade treats. What else distinguishes it from the “Stars” tour? As the day winds down, savour a glass of our exquisite Private Reserve METAXA Orama paired with decadent dark chocolate bites, all bathed in the warm colours of the Aegean amber hour.

Enter the World of Exclusivity

Make your celebration truly special by booking a private event at LIKNON. Whether it's a corporate gathering or a momentous occasion, LIKNON's enchanting setting and capacity to cater up to 45 guests provide a unique setting to celebrate in style.

LIKNON welcomes visitors from May 17th to October 12th, 2024. Book your tour and tasting experience today!


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