METAXA Master Transition

METAXA Master Transition

The House of METAXA celebrates a once-in-a-generation event: METAXA Master transition

This exceptional occasion marks a new milestone for METAXA, opening a  new chapter on sustainability.

Turning a legacy into a future:
a new METAXA Master

The METAXA Master is the only person in the world who knows the secret recipe of our precious METAXA. To become one, he has to possess the unique skill set of a Winemaker, a Distiller and a Cellar Master to excel in the arts of selecting, aging and blending. Each and every METAXA Master has been adding their innovations on top of the legacy of the original METAXA’s creation from 1888.

For over 30 years of passionate creation of our amber spirit, our 5th METAXA Master Constantinos Raptis has delivered his unique vision including the conception of METAXA Premium Range. He is now sharing his knowledge and craftsmanship with the future METAXA Master - Konstantinos Kalpaxidis. With the passing of the torch, the two Masters build a bridge between Heritage, Innovation and Sustainability for METAXA.

Preserving the natural heritage of Samos

Since Konstantinos joined the House of METAXA in 2016, our 6th Metaxa Master is leading the effort of preserving our Terroir by the introduction of sustainable agriculture in Samos Island. The series of initiatives to support local vine growers will ensure that all Muscat grapes from the island will be sustainably certified by 2027. He best describes his new vision: 

“My mission is to continue building on Constantinos' legacy, preserve consistency of our unique creations and produce METAXA in a more sustainable way.”

To a future worth preserving!


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