Play it right on Valentine's Day

Play it right on Valentine's Day

This year, let METAXA help you create unique moments with your special someone on Valentine's Day. Here's how you can make this occasion unforgettable.

Set the mood 

Begin by setting the stage. If you prefer something unexpected, instead of using candles, consider using string lights, or smart LED neons that you can control with your phone. Now it’s time for some music - prepare a playlist a little earlier. You don’t have to include only love songs, choose pieces that bring back good memories. 

Cards, Dice, and Fun

What else can you prepare for this special day to make it even more original and worth remembering? Level up your Valentine's Day with games. Board games, cards, dice, tic tac toe… No matter what you choose, you can be sure that a bit of competition won't leave any time for boredom. 

Sipping Elegance

METAXA loves to be part of special moments, and tonight is no exception. To celebrate the occasion you can choose smooth METAXA 7 Stars or go for the rich depth of METAXA 12 Stars, and let it do its magic.

Win heart with taste

Playing game called love can be a tricky one. But METAXA makes it simpler, especially if you mix it, creating a comforting yet elegant cocktail, METAXA 12 Stars Sweet Valentine. A delicious composition of flavours that will delight even the most demanding pallets.

Now all that remains is to savour the power of love. Cheers and good luck!


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