Unexpected Conversations

Unexpected Conversations

Let’s challenge the conventional! Join us on our game of bringing together different people and their contrasting passions and watching the unexpected unfold.

Aren't you curious what would happen when you combine elements that seemingly do not match at all? And when people you would never have thought they had something in common meet one-to-one? We couldn’t wait to see it! That’s how Unexpected Conversations came to life.

Versatile personalities, different interests and unrelated industries… when METAXA comes into play, everything comes together!

Let’s watch our visionary stars, mixologists and artists, create side by side, showing both their uniqueness and common ground. They are amazing in the way they effortlessly embrace the unexpected way of living, thinking and creating. They are real Changemakers!

Prepare your fav loooong cocktail - it's binge watching time!

EPISODE 1 Have you ever wondered what a mixologist has in common with a choreographer?

Georgia Georgakopoulou, Mixologist & Bar Manager at The Clumsies x Nefeli Theodotou, Choreographer and Art Director, gifts us the Trilogy 12 Stars – a cocktail that comes to life through the magic of artful mixing and the elegance of movement.

EPISODE 2 How a mural artist navigated the uncharted territories of cocktail making?

Stelios Felonis, Bar Manager at Mandala Seaside & Butler Thessaloniki x Gera 1, Mural Artist, shows us that creativity can have many colours, shapes, aromas, and flavours, introducing the METAXA Meraki.

EPISODE 3 How the taste of a mouthful dessert brought out the complexity of a drink?

Poppy Sevastou, Bar Manager at Nolanverse x Evgenios Vardakastanis and Ioannis Kikiras, Pastry Chefs at Noble Pastry Athens inspired by the versatile character of METAXA craft a flavoursome dessert that brings out the cocktail’s true flavours and aromas.


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