Going clubbing? Have a perfect before party!

Going clubbing? Have a perfect before party!

On Saturday night, it's worth meeting your friends earlier, before you get carried away by the Saturday night fever in your favorite clubs.

Meet your friends in the evening for a meal and before-party with perfect METAXA 7 Stars cocktails. Choose METAXA Peach Spritzer or METAXA Manhattan Twist to warm up the atmosphere of the evening and release the optimism and good mood of your friends.

If you are organizing a before-party at your place, you can try to use our ideas for creating extremely aromatic garnishes and use simple bartending tricks to impress your friends! This beginning of the evening will be an unforgettable adventure for everyone. Also use our ideas to serve perfectly chilled glasses that will please everyone with their nice coolness on a hot evening and give a long pleasure of drinking a cocktail.
After such a meeting, your fun in the clubs will be full of fun, positive energy and will bring your group of friends even closer to each other!

Have an epic clubbing!


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