The naval battle of Salamina occurred in 480 BC, during the Greco - Persian wars, a series of conflicts between the Persian Empire and the Greek city. The Greek navy was well outnumbered by the invading Persian forces, but fought them off, heroically.

This victory of the Greeks stopped the Persian expansion into the West. According to the family of Spyros Metaxa, an ancient medal with the image of a warrior of Salamina, was discovered when Spyros was excavating the foundations of the first distillery in Piraeus.

The heroic “Salamina Warrior” was an ideal, internationally recognizable Greek symbol, for the new venture that was being launched by the ambitious entrepreneur.

Since 1888, we see
the “Salamina Warrior”
emblem on every single
METAXA bottle.


METAXA leads the agricultural transformation of Samos Island and takes actions to reduce its carbon footprint.



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