Alpha Sipping

Alpha Sipping

How does the alpha sipping of METAXA AEN look like?

The term "Alpha Sipping" is used to describe the ideal way to enjoy METAXA. This is what METAXA AEN III is created for. Opening a bottle of METAXA AEN III is a ritual for special occasions in exceptional company of connoisseurs. METAXA AEN is a luxurious treat, and its packaging and presentation reflect this premium status.

Alpha Sipping starts with smelling the amber liquor poured into the tasting glass, gently moving it around the nose so that the fullness of the fragrance can awaken your senses. Do not bring the glass too close to the nostrils, because METAXA is a strong spirit and its vapors inhaled too close can irritate your mucosa. You will discover the fullness of the METAX fragrance by inhaling it gently, from a distance of a few centimeters from the glass. In the next step, Alpha Sipping involves slowly savoring small sips of METAXA AEN III, allowing the complex flavors and aromas to develop on the palate. Do it by holding the amber spirit in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. You can swirl it around the tongue to fully appreciate its nuances.


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