Samos is situated in the warmth of the North East Aegean Sea, in the Mediterranean sea and produces some of the most aromatic wines in the world.

It is an island of lush vegetation and vineyards that has been world famous since the times of the Ancient Greek traders. Warm sun, a tough mineral soil and rainfall at the right times of year are all part of the island's terroir.

Terroir of Samos is unique and provides the perfect conditions for the Muscat grapes to grow.

"Small-berried" Muscat is an autochthonous white grape variety that covers more than 90% of the island's vineyard.

It's one of the most aromatic grape varieties in the world and probably the oldest documented one with fruity and floral aromas.

Grapes are ready for harvest around mid-August (plus or minus 10 days, subject to altitude and specific climatic conditions of the vintage).

Samians have a long vinicultural history brought with them from Asia Minor. Cultivation is done 100% by hand.

No watering of vineyards, irrigation is not allowed (except during the first year after planting). Minimal intervention with conventional agricultural practices (very few sprayings thanks to favourable climatic conditions).

Harvest is always a time for celebration, spent in family or shared with friends.

The Muscat wine used for the creation of the METAXA spirit is a "vin de liqueur" (or "mistelle") and does not undergo fermentation: immediately after pressing the grapes, alcohol is mixed with grape juice up to 15% abv.

We purchase sweet Muscat wines vinified in Samos, at the Vakakis winery, with grapes from local farmers island who are directly contracted by METAXA.

It is important to notice that METAXA is not growing vines nor vinifying. We are sourcing sweet Muscat wines, vinified in Samos, with grapes from different farmers of the island, who are contracted by METAXA.

The METAXA Master is in charge of selecting the wines.

For Muscat wines, our METAXA Master prefers the grapes that are coming from a middle altitude zone, between 250 and 500 metres.

Indeed, in this specific zone, the grapes are full of sugar and give excellent quality wines, with intense aromatic character.

The combination of such great characteristics is essential and ensures the quality of METAXA.

Among all of the ingredients needed to create METAXA, the aromatic sweet Muscat wine of Samos is the one which gives METAXA its aromatic character and all its sugar content.

All the sweetness of METAXA comes from the Muscat, no sugar is added!

Fruity & Floral.

On the nose, the aroma of the Samos Muscat wine is pleasant, it reminds different mature fruits like apricot or peach, as well as different kinds of marmelades and fine raisins of black and white grapes.

The taste is very enjoyable and voluptuous. Tasting sweet Muscat wine from Samos reminds you of savouring all kinds of fruits and raisins.

Keep in mind that the Muscat wine of Samos has the unique potential to age, even for decades.


METAXA leads the agricultural transformation of Samos Island and takes actions to reduce its carbon footprint.



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