Memorable evening in a noble company

Memorable evening in a noble company

Private Reserve METAXA Orama is a perfect choice for exclusive meetings with those you respect. Including business meetings. Check out our ideas for creating a unique atmosphere for a business evening.

The goal of a business evening is to build relationships and foster a positive business atmosphere. So, focus on creating an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Consider doing something that's not strictly business-related, such as going to a wine tasting, attending a live performance, or visiting an art exhibit. This can help break the ice and create a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Instead of meeting in a standard boardroom, consider hosting your business evening at a unique and upscale location. This could be a rooftop bar, a private dining room in a high-end restaurant, or a museum or gallery after hours. Such a location will give you and your partners the opportunity to get to know each other better, discover your tastes, interests and will be the opening of an interesting, exciting conversation that brings people closer.

Prepare the Private Reserve METAXA Orama tasting for about half an hour after a gourmet meal, so that your guests' taste buds have time to prepare for new taste sensations. Pour it yourself into the appropriate tasting glasses. Serve Private Reserve METAXA Orama only neat to fully appreciate its aroma and taste.

You don't have to worry about further conversation - the richness of the unexpected taste of METAXA stimulates everyone to exchange opinions and is a fantastic start to an exciting discussion. Moreover, Private Reserve METAXA Orama embodies the ambition of METAXA towards sustainability which is also an important topic of conversation about business and society today.

Discover Private Reserve METAXA Orama flavour profile to fully appreciate all the notes you can find in its taste and share with your partners our tips for drinking METAXA neat to make the experience as rich as possible.


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