Discover the 25th edition
of METAXA Private Reserve

In 1992, Constantinos Raptis, newly appointed Metaxa Master creates his first edition of METAXA Private Reserve. Once a year, Constantinos keeps skillfully bringing together special blends of aged grape distillates and Muscat wines from Samos, releasing a unique batch of Private Reserve.
This year, marking the 25th anniversary of Private Reserve, The House of METAXA releases a brand new crafted decanter, and celebrates this creation with the Metaxa Master Constantinos Raptis.


Dark amber with honey reflections.

1st Bouquet

Dried flowers with notes of oak.

2nd Bouquet

Notes of old honey, bitter citrus peel, chocolate &coffee, mixture of sweet spices, pear compote.


Complex, warm and generous. Gentle oak, dried figs, raisins, tobacco, orange peel.


Long aftertaste of dried fruit (figs, plums), smoky, with a long aromatic finish.

Enjoy METAXA Private Reserve preferably neat.

Nutritional Information

Average representative value

Volume of Serve
(ml of final product)
Per 10 g alcohol
(31.7 ml Serving)
Per 30 ml Serving
Alcohol (g) 10
Calories (Kcal) 76 73
Fat (g) 0 0
Saturated Fat (g) 0 0
Carbohydrates (g) 1 1
   (Of which Sugar) 1 1
Proteins (g) 0 0
Salt (g) 0 0

Nutritional Information

METAXA The Collection: The Metaxa Master's Private Reserve
The Metaxa Master's Private Reserve, Exception Revealed
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METAXA, the smoothest amber spirit under the sun

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