The Art Of Metaxa

The legacy of Spyros Metaxa

Spyros Metaxa set out to reach a level of smoothness and aromatic intensity never previously attained in spirits.
To get to his vision, he blazed his original path. He went beyond conventions, faced risks.
And he created a drink vibrant and spirited, yet smooth on the palate - truly rewarding to the senses.
The drink he gave his name to: METAXA. Since 1888, the Founder's legacy is the style of METAXA.
Today, the House of Metaxa brings this style to life, always true to the Originality, Vibrancy and Risk-taking Courage of the Founder.

The Art Of Metaxa: The Legacy of Spyros Metaxa
The Art Of Metaxa, The Legacy of Spyros Metaxa


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METAXA, the smoothest amber spirit under the sun

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